Jealous: Sean Hannity attacks Michael Savage in rather petty rant


(by Dave Gibson, Virginia Beach Conservative Examiner) -- On Friday, Breitbart News published a shockingly petty rant from Sean Hannity, which the Fox News personality directed toward paleo-conservative radio talk show host, Michael Savage.

The comments were part of a recent interview Politico did with Hannity, which was never published.

Hannity said of Savage:

The poor guy is just an angry, depressed, and jealous human being who has been hanging around the backwaters of broadcasting for too many years.

Now in his 70's, it’s sad to see that he is so angry, envious, and obsessed with fellow broadcasters. Perhaps his anger and conflict comes from his skinny dipping days in Fiji with his liberal poet friend Alan Ginsburg, or from having to admit his support of Jerry Brown.

I have never been happier in my broadcast career. I am extremely grateful for my friendship with many prominent local and national hosts all over the country, as well as my over 500 station partners.

Cumulus airs Savage, not on all of their stations, only 2 hours on heritage stations; or on delay. They clearly do not have confidence in him, and his ability to generate revenue.

His show will not grow beyond Cumulus. Revenue will suffer, as he has shown he is incapable of any self control, i.e. when he intentionally made comments about kids’ autism, or comments on MSNBC; and Cumulus has a horrific record when it comes to launching new syndicated shows.

Of course, Cumulus Media Networks dumped Hannity last year and signed a deal with Savage, placing Savage in the weekday 3-6 p.m. EST time slot, directly against Hannity in many markets.

Hannity has since signed with Premiere Radio Networks.

While Hannity claims to be a "real conservative," for years now, he has done little more than spew the Republican Party line (Which explains why so many Republican politicians have appeared on his show...they know they are safe with Hannity, which is also why these same phonies refuse to be interviewed by Savage.).

In fact, the day after the 2012 presidential election, the man who often refers to himself as "a great American," was calling for all Republicans to support amnesty for illegal aliens. Hannity continued this argument for weeks, until his ratings began to slip.

Conversely, Savage who adopted the mantra "Borders, Language, Culture," more than ten years ago when his show went national, has never wavered from his actual conservative beliefs.

In contrast to all of the so-called conservative talkers, Savage is the only one who has been consistent with his hardline stance against illegal immigration, and the harm it is causing to this country. Continue reading via

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