Graphic Video: Stunning Moment as Child Is Coached on Self-Flagellation During Bloody Muslim Ritual at U.S. Mosque...


On November 24, Shia Muslims around the world observed the “Day of Ashura,” an annual commemorative event during which adherents remember the life and legacy of Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. TheBlaze brought you gruesome footage last Saturdayof the mass self-flagellation that some Afghans engaged in to publicly lament Hussein’s 7th century death. Additional clips filled with blood and gore have emerged of similar events that purportedly unfolded in the U.S. as well.

The blog Creeping Sharia posted video of one such ritual that was uploaded to YouTube. While, on the surface, there is little information known about the video concerning when and where it was taken, its contents are certainly shocking. The clip, originally uploaded by a YouTube user named “Maveea,” contains no context or additional information aside from a title that reads, “Ashura in St Louis MO.”

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