Exclusive: Romney Blasts Obama’s Sequestration: He Could've Brought Nation Together But Is ‘Flying Around the Country... Berating Republicans’...


CHRIS WALLACE, 'FOX NEWS SUNDAY' ANCHOR: How do you think the president has handled the sequester, the $85 billion in automatic spending cuts?

MITT ROMNEY:  Well, no one can think that that's been a success for the president.  He didn't think the sequester would happen.  It is happening, but to date, what we've seen is a -- the president out campaigning to the American people, doing rallies around the country, flying around the country and berating Republicans and blaming and pointing.

Now, what does that do?

That causes the Republicans to -- to retrench and to put up a wall and to fight back.  It's a very natural human emotion. The president has the opportunity to lead the nation and to bring Republicans and Democrats together.  It's a job he's got to do and it's a job only the president can do.

WALLACE:  The Obama administration is, right now, releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants who had been slated for deportation because they say they can't afford to hold them.  What do you think of that?

MITT ROMNEY:  Um, I think the president has to act in the interest of the country and -- and that means if we need an aircraft carrier in the -- in the Gulf -- and I believe we -- we do, I thought we needed one more -- that he should do it.

I -- I think if there are people who are incarcerated, uh, he should make sure that -- that, uh, we're able to keep them in jail// Look, it's -- again, it's -- it's politics.  It's, OK, how do we do something that will get a headline that will make it look like those terrible Republicans aren't willing to come together?

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