CNN Axes Soledad O’Brien...


“Starting Point” was one of CNN's lowest-rated shows, attracting an average of just around 234,000 viewers a day last year, marking CNN's smallest morning audience in a decade.

O'Brien, though, said she was proud of the show and her tough interviews, saying, “We became relevant in an important election.”

Republican guests and viewers, though, saw her confrontational style differently, saying it reflected her liberal bias. John Sununu, a frequent guest on the show, told Politico late last year he counted O’Brien as one of the “triumvirate” of Obama spokeswomen: “There’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Stephanie Cutter, and Soledad O’Brien.” 

O'Brien, meanwhile, said the show never got “a ton of support” from the network, but it was still able to drive stories. In addition, even though she is working with the new production company, she remains open to appearing on-camera on other networks in the future. Continue reading via Newsmax...


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