BULL'S-EYE ON BACHMANN OVER ISLAMIST THREAT: Campaign tells Congress to eject representative from intel committee...


Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., has been a successful businesswoman, a foster mom to dozens, a favorite of the tea party and a no-holds-barred conservative who supports traditional marriage, families, the American flag and limited government.

And she’s been outspoken in her concern about Muslim Brotherhood influence in Washington and its threat to the nation’s security.

For that, she’s being targeted in an aggressive campaign by the left-leaning People for the American Way and major news outlets in her home state of Minnesota.

But several top experts on Islam in America and the strategies of the Muslim Brotherhood, which aims to establish Islamic law worldwide, say instead of being targeted she should be praised.

Among the campaigns against Bachmann has been a petition by  PFAW, a coalition featuring liberals such as Alex Baldwin and Norman Lear. Read more via WND...

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