ATTORNEY: DOJ Asks For More Time to Respond to Motion for Release of a Social Security Application of Harry Bounel, Whose SSN Obama is Fraudulently Using...



(PRESS RELEASE) -- DOJ asks for more time for the United States of America to respond to a 2 page motion by Attorney Taitz seeking Summary Judgment for release of a Social Security application of Harry Bounel, whose CT SSN 042-68-4425 Obama is fraudulently using in his tax returns.

Today Attorney Orly taitz received a certified mail request prepared by the Department of Justice, stating that the United States of America needs more than 14 days to respond to a two page motion for Summary Judgment seeking release of the aforementioned application.  This request by the Department of Justice on Behalf of the United States  is with no merit and represents more stonewalling. Social Security administration already admitted to having the the aforementioned records. According to SSN 120 year rule, SS-5, Social security application of individuals born 120 years ago or earlier have to be released to the public without a consent of the party or proof of death of the party. They are obligated to release the records to Attorney Orly Taitz without a delay. Every day of delay is a day of treason, of enormous damage to the US National Security and economy. Continue reading...



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