LEAD SUSPECT in Harry Reid’s Beating – His Brother – Is Arrested for Assaulting Police


Larry Reid was arrested about 12:30 p.m. Monday on U.S. Highway 95 near the edge of Boulder City city limits. (Daily Mail)

Harry Reid’s brother was arrested this week on drunk and disorderly conduct… Oh, and he hit a cop.

The Daily Mail reported:

Senator Harry Reid’s 73-year-old brother has been arrested and charged with driving drunk and hitting a police officer.

Larry Reid was arrested for DUI about 12:40 p.m. between Boulder City and Searchlight in Nevada. 

Mr. Reid was also charged with battery of a police officer, driving across a median, resisting arrest, not wearing a seat belt and possession of a gun while under the influence of alcohol.

A trooper saw Larry Reid’s Lexus SUV in the dirt median with the engine still running, Patrol spokesman Trooper Loy Hixson said. 

The Nevada Senator’s office released a statement confirming that Larry Reid is the Democrat’s brother, saying only that it is ‘a private matter.’

Harry Reid suffered a concussion, broken ribs and a busted face from what he said was a “workout” incident.

According to The Tatler and Power Line Blog Larry Reid is prime suspect in his brother’s beating.

On Monday I got a phone call from a man named Easton Elliott. We talked briefly on Monday, and have had additional telephone conversations since then. Elliott* is a businessman who lives in the Las Vegas area, and he thinks he knows what really happened to Harry Reid. This is the story as he related it to me:

Elliott spent a portion of last New Year’s Eve at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Henderson, Nevada. His AA group has meetings every hour on New Year’s Eve, along with a pot luck supper. There were approximately 20 people present at the meeting during the events described below.

Some time between 10:00 and 11:30 p.m., a man entered the meeting. His appearance was striking: there was blood on his clothing, beginning around his midsection. His left hand was swollen. He appeared to be somewhat intoxicated and was visibly agitated. He introduced himself as “Larry.”

In a group discussion that was heard by a number of people, Larry said that he had just had a fight with a family member. Larry said he had been at a family get-together, and he didn’t remember much about the fight because he had blacked out. When he came to, he was rolling on the ground, fighting with a family member, and his clothes were bloody. Now, he said, he was frightened that the Secret Service would come after him.

** What Really Happened to HARRY REID’S FACE? How Does Workout Accident Cause Concussion, Broken Ribs & Busted Face?

"A National Treasure" -- America's Oldest #Quilt, Made by Wife of #Yale Founder, Surfaces for the First Time in 350 Years...

Yale University

Yale University

An extraordinary piece of early American history preserved and quietly passed down through nine generations has surfaced for the first time. Recognized by experts as a unique historical artifact from the New England colonies, this textile was handmade by the wife of Yale University's founder Rev. Thomas Buckingham. 

While textbooks focus on the great documents of the American past, or the important events, artifacts can show us another kind of history, another way of approaching the past. The Buckingham Quilt is an American treasure that not only connects people, it tells its own story of colonial history by representing a bygone era 100 years before the birth of America.

After almost 350 years, the living descendant and trustee, who wishes to remain anonymous, has chosen to no longer enshrine and isolate The Buckingham Quilt but instead open it up to provide opportunities to challenge and enhance our understanding of the past:

"The Buckingham Quilt is important to us as a way to approach the past. It provides us a way into history. It is a touchstone that bring memories and meanings to life. It makes history real. Moreover, it is a reality that can and should be viewed from different perspectives. Looking closely at this artifact, putting it into historical context, and using it to understand the past, is exactly what we need to do."

Read more and see the first images made public at buckinghamquilt.com

Sex toy injuries rocket after release of Fifty Shades of Grey

(The Telegraph) -- Sex toy injuries have doubled since 2007, with a large increase in 2012 and 2013, after the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey books.

The figures are estimates from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, which has tracked casualty admissions since 1991, the Washington Post reported.

The injuries relating to "massage devices and vibrators" were initially low but began to rise steeply from 2005, when around 1500 people across the US received treatment for sex injuries.

Middle aged men were most likely to get such injuries. Male patients accounted for 58 per cent, with the median age in that group being 44 years old. The median aged for women was younger, at 30 years old.  

Obama Lives Where Only the Media Disturb the Peace


From George Washington on, presidents have blamed “them lyin’ newspapers” for their problems, and often for the problems they create. And not just presidents; governors, mayors and even aldermen play the national political sport. The villains now include television and the Internet.

Presidents dream of drawing interviewers like Ezra Klein of Vox.com. President Obama sat down the other day with Mr. Klein and he served up one softball after another about the president’s political theories, his reading of history and his dreams. The pitcher had neither curve ball nor slider in his repertoire, and Mr. Obama duly knocked them out of the park. The president thinks the legislative filibuster should be abolished, he would amend the Constitution to limit political speech and he thinks income redistribution is a good thing “for its own sake.”

But when he dismissed concerns about violent radical Islam as a media creation, which he thinks has been hyped and doesn’t mean much, anyway, he crossed into fantasy. He compared himself to a city mayor whose job requires him to deal with crime and criminals, and the media’s eagerness to play up the deeds of the few hardly makes the problems serious. He suggests that reporters and pundits play up the violence in the Middle East for the same reason television’s Entertainment News hypes murder, mayhem and a light snowfall.

Read the full story in the Washington Times

ALERT -- Obama’s ISIS War Proposal Blocks Future Commitments

By: Ivan Plis (Daily Caller)

The White House is set to introduce a new Authorization for Use of Military Force against ISIS, designed to maximize American flexibility and minimize boots on the ground.

Representatives of the administration, including the White House and State Department, have revealed details of the proposed bill, BloombergView reported Tuesday. The suggested AUMF would prohibit permanent American ground troops from deploying against ISIS until 2018, well after President Obama will have left the presidency.

While preventing full-time boots on the ground, or “enduring offensive ground operations,” the bill would allow for the existing 3,000 advisers helping the Iraqi military, as well as special operations forces, airstrike coordinators and Search and Rescue teams. Those exceptions would also expire in 2018, which would prompt another round of congressional approval.

Notably, the proposal would break from the opinion of Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Martin Dempsey, widely regarded on both sides of the aisle as one of the most shrewd military strategists in America. Dempsey recently told reporters, “I think in the crafting of the AUMF [authorization for use of military force,] all options should be on the table, and then we can debate whether we want to use them.”

Read the full story at the Daily Caller

'Fuzzy' Strategy: Why Obama's Proposal to Use Military Force Against ISIS May Never Pass the House

February 11, 2015 - It has been mere hours since President Obama sent Congress a draft authorization for the use of military force to combat the Islamic State, and the measure already is in trouble.

Rampant skepticism from both sides of the aisle threatens to scuttle the bill in the House before debate even begins. The problem, as described by several members, including a high-ranking Republican involved in the AUMF negotiations, is that there may be no legislative text that can thread the needle between hawks who want a full-scale military campaign against ISIS; libertarian and progressive anti-war members who want no intervention at all; and members who would approve the use of force, but only if it is specifically restricted in geography, length and scope.

The result could be a failure to pass any kind of authorization, which would simply mean the status quo—and the Obama administration proceeding with its operations against ISIS.

At a private meeting of the House Republican Conference on Wednesday morning, Speaker John Boehner urged his members to "keep your powder dry," according to sources in the room, intimating that they should not outright reject the AUMF before they have a chance to change it.

He later told the press that the president's text is only the first step in what will be a long legislative process, complete with committee hearings and markups. But he added his own apprehension about what Capitol Hill sources described as a chorus of irreconcilable demands from far-flung ideological pockets of House members.

Read the full story at The National Journal

‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Word Search Puzzles Given to Middle School Students

Terms include "bondage," "handcuffs," "leather cuffs" and "spanking"

Terms include "bondage," "handcuffs," "leather cuffs" and "spanking"

by Mikael Thalen, INFOWARS

A Pennsylvania school district is under fire after middle school children were given “Fifty Shades of Grey” themed word search puzzles.

Based on the popular erotic romance novel and upcoming film, the puzzle includes such sexual terms as “bondage,” “handcuffs,” “leather cuffs” and “spanking.”

According to numerous news outlets, the issue became known after parents approached educators at a Tuesday evening school board meeting.

School officials with the Monessen School District reportedly began an investigation into the matter the day prior, asserting that no solid information had been gathered as of Wednesday.

Infowars reached out to district officials and was unable to learn any additional information regarding who provided the worksheets to students.

A parent speaking with CBS Pittsburgh stated that several administrators including the school’s principal refused to answer questions when an audio recording device was present.

Other Pennsylvania parents took to social media to voice their concern over what they saw as a lack of oversight.

This is what you get when our society no longer has any kind of moral compass,” one parent said.

So not Ok for children of any age,” another said. “Bad taste whoever passed them out to kids.”

Although unconfirmed, one parent stated that the district was already aware of the responsible teacher but has thus far refused to release a name.

Regardless, many parents feel the situation represents the continued sexualization of young school children.

Keep reading...

Dems on FEC move to regulate Internet campaigns, blogs, RedFlag News, Drudge...

(WASHINGTON EXAMINER) -- In a surprise move late Friday, a key Democrat on the Federal Election Commission called for burdensome new rules on Internet-based campaigning, prompting the Republican chairman to warn that Democrats want to regulate online political sites and even news media like the Drudge Report.

Democratic FEC Vice Chair Ann M. Ravel announced plans to begin the process to win regulations on Internet-based campaigns and videos, currently free from most of the FEC’s rules. “A reexamination of the commission’s approach to the internet and other emerging technologies is long over due,” she said.

The power play followed a deadlocked 3-3 vote on whether an Ohio anti-President Obama Internet campaign featuring two videos violated FEC rules when it did not report its finances or offer a disclosure on the ads. The ads were placed for free on YouTube and were not paid advertising.

Under a 2006 FEC rule, free political videos and advocacy sites have been free of regulation in a bid to boost voter participation in politics. Only Internet videos that are placed for a fee on websites, such as the Washington Examiner, are regulated just like normal TV ads.

Ravel’s statement suggests that she would regulate right-leaning groups like America Risingthat posts anti-Democrat YouTube videos on its website.

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Muslim Brotherhood Member: White House Official Met Us at the State Department

Excerpted from Washington Free Beacon: A Muslim Brotherhood member who recently was hosted at the State Department along with several of the Islamist group’s key allies now claims that a White House official also was present in that meeting, according to recent remarks.

Abdel Mawgoud al-Dardery, a Brotherhood member and former Egyptian parliamentarian, was in the United States late last month along with a delegation of fellow Brotherhood leaders and allies.

The Brotherhood-aligned delegation caused an international stir after the Washington Free Beacon revealed that it had been hosted for a meeting with several State Department officials.

Another member of the group, a Brotherhood-aligned judge in Egypt, posed for a picture while at Foggy Bottom in which he held up the Islamic group’s notorious four-finger Rabia symbol.

While the State Department initially misled reporters about the meeting, it was eventually forced to admit that several Obama administration officials—including a deputy assistant secretary for democracy, human rights, and labor—and State Department officials met with the delegation.

Al-Dardery now claims that in addition to these State Department representatives, a member of the White House also participated in the sit-down. Keep reading

h/t Pat Dollard

DEVELOPING: Several Admirals and Generals Accusing Obama of Treason...



Article III the Constitution states: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.”

Let’s get a few things straight. Obama has committed treason in so many ways and so many times most people have lost track of the official count. Let’s look at the FACTS for a moment. Forget for a brief moment how quickly a republican would be thrown out of office with this nonsense swirling around all the time, and stop and realize we are letting a COMMUNIST get away with from OUR OWN the Oval Office. 




I have posted at least 4-5 stories where on SEPARATE OCCASIONS where one of the military’s highest decorated officers , Admiral Lons, has come forward and accused Obama of crimes ranging from Treason, to Colluding with the Enemy, to Supplying the enemy with Stinger Missiles. For anyone who wants to get smart with me, and ask who I mean by “the enemy” I am referring to Al Qaeda! Admiral Lyons has been telling anyone who will listen, that Obama has committed TREASON! I myself have said since the DAY WE LEARNED 400 STINGER MISSILES EN ROUTE TO TERRORISTS WOUND UP MISSING FROM THE BENGHAZI EMBASSY, that it would be THOSE events that one day Obama would answer for. I take that back now. I think at this point the only Admiral Lyons has not told to get Obama are the men who used to be under his command. He should have them storm the White House and drag Obama out in cuffs. I pray that day comes soon. 


America has gone SOFT. We are pathetic in SO many ways. I can’t say for sure how things WILL play out, but I can tell you how they WON’T play out. Not if, but WHEN the evidence of Obama’s piles up SO high something HAS to be done, Obama will be long out of office, he’ll flee the country like the Bitch that he is. He may be guilty and run, but he will NEVER see justice. I suspect as I have said since IMMEDIATELY after the Benghazi attack that his final downfall will be the 400 MISSILES HE WAS FUNNELING THROUGH THE EMBASSY IN LIBYA USING CHRIS STEVENS TO GET TO THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD AND AL QAEDA

Where else but America is the Media SO twisted, and SO biased that they let a man with a SEALED past and a MUSLIM BROTHER NAMED MALIK WHO RUNS A MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD TERRORIST GROUP BECOME PRESIDENT? Anyone with an IQ over 6 (sorry liberals, you’re OUT) knew DAMN well Obama was NOT eligible for office back in 2007, and despite piling up MOUNTAINS OF PROOF, no one even looked into it. Now, in SEVEN of the most disturbing pieces you will ever read you too will KNOWObama is the ENEMY! 

Don’t stop there, the list of Obama’s treasonous acts extends almost as long as there are days he has spent tin the Oval Office. There is a LONG list of people accusing him of TREASON! Lieutenant General Thomas Mcinnerney has declared the government is infected with terrorist cells in every branch. 

ACCORDING TO WIKIPEDIA: Thomas G. McInerney (born March 15, 1937) is a retired United States Air Force Lieutenant General. He is a command pilot with more than 4,100 flying hours, including 407 combat missions (243 in O-1s as a forward air controller and 164 in F-4 C’s, D’s and E’s) during the Vietnam War. In addition to his Vietnam Service, the McInerney served overseas in NATOPacific Air Forces and as commander of 11th Air Force in Alaska. Currently, he is a Fox News contributor, and is a member of the Iran Policy Committee.

McInerney’s Military Awards and Decorations Include: 



Conservative Tribune continues: It has long been suspected that President Barack Obama has a more than just friendly relationship with the terrorist-affiliated front group Muslim Brotherhood.

In fact, more than just a few sources have made note of how the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated various levels of the U.S. government, including the highest levels of the White House.

Now the former commander of the Navy’s Pacific Fleet is coming forward and speaking up about the issue as well, stating that all of our nation’s intelligence services have been infiltrated by the terrorist front group.

Retired 4-star Admiral James “Ace” Lyons recently spoke to the National Press Club about Obama’s efforts to “fundamentally transform” America, something he has been doing since he was first elected in 2008.

Lyons pointed to Obama’s recent refusal to join other world leaders in Paris to take a stand for freedom of expression, saying this is just the latest of “many signals” of support he has sent to the Islamic jihadists over the years

“There’s no question we got a hell of a job ahead of us,” Lyons said, “with the Muslim Brotherhood penetration in every one of our national security agencies, including all our intelligence agencies.”

He pointed to the current head of the CIA, John Brennan, who is believed to be a convert to Islam, as proof of his assertions, according to the TPNN.


He went on to call for more action from the new GOP-led Congress, saying they were elected to “stop the transformation of America, not to see how they could work with the president.”

Unfortunately, the admiral is correct.  The Muslim Brotherhood most certainly does hold undue sway and influence over the Obama administration.

One need only ask the people and government of Egypt how they feel about the Muslim Brotherhood and the connections between the terrorist group and the White House.

Congress most certainly needs to do something to address this problem, as it looks remarkably like treason coming out of this administration.



Famous Journalist Drops Bombshell About Benghazi Liars Obama and Rice

Conservative Tribune e Continues: Conservatives have been fed up with the president’s convoluted strategy in the Middle East for years, but now it looks like the mainstream media is also getting tired of President Barack Obama’s indecision.

One of the most well-known journalists in America just criticized Obama and his advisers, including Susan Rice.

Bob Woodward appeared on “Fox News Sunday” and explained his view that the White House has no clear plan for dealing with Islamic terror groups and that the administration was badly micro-managing the military.

Woodward knows a few things about corrupt presidents. He was one of the key reporters responsible for exposing the infamous Watergate scandal during the Nixon administration.

“They (the Obama administration) have not sat down and said, ‘This is where we want to go and this is how we want to do it,’” said Woodward.

He’s exactly right. The Obama administration seems to rely on the backwards strategy of “ready, fire, aim” — if they ever fire at all.

That isn’t leadership, and that isn’t how America should deal with the deep problems of the Islamic State terror group or the Middle East.







“I am a U.S. Army veteran, a Constitutional attorney, Executive Director of the United States Justice Foundation, and a published author, freelance writer, and teacher. I am the author of four books,  ”RIDERS IN THE SKY: THE GHOSTS AND LEGENDS OF PHILMONT SCOUT RANCH,” “THE MORTARMEN,” a story about my father’s unit in WW II; my novel, “AMAYEHLI: A STORY OF AMERICA,“ and the newly released “AMERICA’S LIVELIEST GHOSTS.” In addition, I have an affordable, pocket size booklet on the Constitution called “Our Constitution” that is receiving great reviews. You can read more about these books by going to the pages on each book on this website.” You may also want to check out his radio talk show that airs every Wednesday at 4:00 Eastern.



Mark Levin Tears Apart 'Soapbox Extremist' Obama’s Vox Interview Sentence-by-Sentence

The Right Scoop:

Mark Levin went through Obama’s interview with VOX and completely shredded it, clip by clip. It’s honestly the best analysis you are going to hear on the Marxist claptrap being spewed by this president.


Read the full story at The Right Scoop

Obama's New Border Security Plan To Allow Illegals To Bring Extended Family To US

NEIL MUNRO, The Daily Caller

President Obama’s new border security plan is being expanded to allow illegals in the United States to bring their children, their adult children, their grandchildren and even step-parents into the United States.

Obama is opening “a whole new pipeline for legal migration,” said Ann Corcoran, editor of Refugee Resettlement Watch. Once the new program is established, future officials can expand it to include more economic migrants from more poor countries, she told The Daily Caller.

Read more at Dailycaller.com

Elijah Cummings: 'People Come to Government to Feed Their Souls'



This is what happens when a Democrat goes off teleprompter and publicly exposes their usually veiled bleeding heart's desires and beliefs.

Cummings was speaking in Washington D.C. at the Legislative Conference of the National Treasury Employees Union on February 4th when he made the comments.

Read the full story at TownHall

Miley Cyrus Film Pulled from Porn Festival

By Tim Donnelly, New York Post

Miley ain’t so wild after all.

After the Post and other outlets reported Monday the singer had submitted a film for the first-ever NYC Porn Film Festival, her representatives have had the film removed from the Bushwick event and its website.

The festival’s organizer lied when he said Cyrus had personally submitted the film — a 3-minute erotic, bondage-heavy short titled “Tongue Tied” — and then misled the production company Cadence Films into granting permission to use it, her representatives said Tuesday night. The producers and the singer’s representatives asked organizer Simon Leahy to remove the film from the festival and its online listings, which Leahy did Tuesday night.

“Miley was proud to make a film with acclaimed filmmaker Quentin Jones. She did not instigate this festival submission and is not participating in any way,” a spokesperson for the “We Can’t Stop” singer says.

Leahy originally told the Post Monday that Cyrus had submitted to the festival, which opens later this month, after hearing about it through mutual friends. He showed the Post emails with Cadence confirming the company would allow the film to be shown.

But the singer’s representatives said those emails were misleading.

Read the full story in the New York Post

Anti-Semitic Horrors Don't Exist In Obama's World…

By John Podhoretz, New York Post

At Tuesday’s press briefing, White House mouthpiece Josh Earnest said something disgusting — I don’t know how else to describe it — about the massacre at the Hyper Casher kosher supermarket in Paris one month ago.

“The individuals who were killed in that terrible, tragic incident,” Earnest droned, “were killed not because of who they were but because of where they randomly happened to be.”

Take it from someone who keeps kosher: Nobody “randomly” happens to be in a kosher supermarket, not even in Manhattan.

Read more at Nypost.com

The Obama Doctrine: Half Measures, Gestures and Yet Another American Is Dead at the Hands of ISIS

By New York Post Editorial Board

Yet another American is dead at the hands of ISIS.

Kayla Jean Mueller was an idealistic 26-year-old volunteer who’d been held hostage in Syria by the Islamic State for nearly two years before being killed.

In the handwritten letter home released by her family, she expresses concern about being a source of anxiety to her parents and makes clear a peace rooted in her faith in God. She had been kidnapped while she was working with refugees in Syria.

After Jordan airplanes struck back at ISIS fighters for burning to death one of their pilots, the Islamic State claimed Mueller had been killed in the raid. US authorities say this is doubtful.

But even if it were true, the blood would still be on ISIS’s hands. Indeed, their actions explain why they are terrorists: They took this civilian woman prisoner and held her in a war zone.

Mueller’s tragic death is one more warning sign of the vulnerability of Americans in the region.

It is a vulnerability that grows with an Obama Doctrine based on half-measures for what we will do and constant public reassurances of what we will not.

Instead of all-in or all-out, the president continues to settle for gestures — whether it’s a nuclear deal with Iran or token air strikes on ISIS when even some of his own commanders have said this isn’t enough to get the job done.

The following is text of a letter 26-year-old American Kayla Mueller wrote to her family while in ISIS captivity in November 2014:

Everyone, If you are receiving this letter it means I am still detained but my cell mates (starting from 11/2/2014) have been released. I have asked them to contact  you + send you this letter. It's hard to know what to say. Please know that I am in a safe location, completely unharmed + healthy (put on weight in fact); I have been treated w/ the utmost respect + kindness. I wanted to write you all a well thought out letter (but I didn't know if my cell mates would be leaving in the coming days or the coming months restricting my time but primarily) I could only but write the letter a paragraph at a time, just the thought of you all sends me into a fit of tears. If you could say I have 'suffered' at all throughout this whole experience it is only in knowing how much suffering I have put you all through; I will never ask you to forgive me as I do not deserve forgiveness. I remember mom always telling me that all in all in the end the only one you really have is God.

I have come to a place in experience where, in every sense of the word, I have surrendered myself to our creator b/c literally there was no else ... + by God + by your prayers I have felt tenderly cradled in freefall. I have been shown in darkness, light + have learned that even in prison, one can be free. I am grateful. I  have come to see that there is good in every situation, sometimes we just have to look for it. I pray each day that if nothing else, you have felt a certain closeness + surrender to God as well + have formed a bond of love + support amongst one another ... I miss you all as if it has been a decade of forced separation.

I have had many a long hour to think, to think of all the things I will do w/ Lex, our first family camping trip, the first meeting @ the airport. I have had many hours to think how only in your absence have I finally @ 25 years old come to realize your place in my life. The gift that is each one of you + the person I could + could not be if you were not a part of my life, my family, my support. I DO NOT want the negotiations for my release to be your duty, if there is any other option take it, even if it takes more time. This should never have become your burden. I have asked these women to support you; please seek their advice. If you have not done so already, [REDACTED] can contact [REDACTED] who may have a certain level of experience with these people. None of us could have known it would be this long but I know I am also fighting from my side in the ways I am able + I have a lot of fight left inside of me.

I am not breaking down + I will not give in no matter how long it takes. I wrote a song some months ago that says, 'The part of me that pains the most also gets me out of bed, w/out your hope there would be nothing left ...' aka- The thought of your pain is the source of my own, simultaneously the hope of our reunion is the source of my strength. Please be patient, give your pain to God. I know you would want me to remain strong. That is exactly what I am doing. Do not fear for me, continue to pray as will I + by God's will we will be together soon.

Ominous Tweet From Matt Drudge About Obama: “Like He Knows Something Terrible Coming… Very Unsettling”

Mac Slavo, SHTFplan.com

Arguably one of the most influential people in global media, Matt Drudge is known for his breaking stories and connections to Washington politicos. It is said that he often drives the news cycle with over 1 billion monthly readers, many of whom work in politics and media.

When Drudge says something people listen, because if there’s anyone who might get the heads up about events before they become public it’s him. And based on a tweet recently posted to his Twitter account it’s quite possible that he knows something we have not yet been made privy to.

On Sunday night President Obama delivered a pre-taped speech to audience members at the Grammy awards. Drudge posted a photo of the President from the speech and called Obama’s appearence “greasy.” He continued with the following ominous words:

Hoarse, watery eyes. Like he knows something terrible coming. Very unsettling…

This is the short pre-recorded clip Drudge referenced in his Tweet:

What do you think? Does Drudge have the inside scoop? Or does he, like many Americans, understand that we are living on borrowed time and all signs are pointing to something terrible coming in the near future?

Perhaps it really is time to prepare for the worst, just in case.

“RANDOM FOLKS”: Obama Censors Fact Paris Jews Were Targeted, Murdered By Muslims

He only says they were just “a bunch of random folks” killed by “zealots.”

Here is what Obama said today, covering up what really happened in Paris, when one of the Charlie Hebdo jihadi gang committed a massacre of Jews at a Kosher market:

And here it is on tape, (starting around the 1:50 mark):