FACEBOOK data mining for political sentiment...


(by Hadas Gold, Politico) -- Facebook is mining its data of user's posts to find out how users feel about certain candidates or issues and sharing that data with ABC News and BuzzFeed for use in their 2016 reporting, the social networking site will announce on Friday.

The data will be gathered from the posts of Facebook users in the United States 18 and older, classifying sentiments about a politician or issue as positive, negative or neutral. The data can also be broken down into sentiments by gender and location, making it possible to see how Facebook users in the key primary states of Iowa or New Hampshire feel about certain presidential candidates, or how women in Florida feel about same-sex marriage.

"Given the volume of conversation around politics on Facebook, we believe this data truly represents what the American people think about the potential candidates. We’re excited to partner with ABC News and BuzzFeed News, who will both bring their unique journalistic perspective to this data,” Andy Mitchell, Facebook’s Director of News and Global Media Partnerships, said in a statement.

A Facebook spokesperson said the data "is gathered in an aggregated and depersonalized manner in a privacy safe way."

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Spanish intelligence intercept Jiahdist plot to weaponize Ebola...

(BREITBART) -- Spanish intelligence has intercepted messages passed between jihadists online discussing the weaponisation of the deadly Ebola virus for use against the West, while a blackmailer in Prague has threatened to unleash the virus unless the Czech Republic pay him one million bitcoin, a volume of online currency worth over £200 million.

The national secretary of state for security in giving evidence to the Spanish Senate revealed online jihad propagandists had issued an edict to followers to kill Westerners by any means possible. Some of the methods suggested included “deadly chemical products from laboratories”, “poisonous injections” and “Ebola as a poisonous weapon”, reports theLocal.es.

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Desperate Democrats resort to race-baiting to spur black vote

(WASHINGTON TIMES) The spate of campaign fliers that use images of lynchings, Jim Crow laws and the recent racial unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, to urge blacks to vote in next week’s election somehow failed to grab the attention of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

The NAACP headquarters in Washington wasn’t prepared to answer questions about the fliers and mailers circulated in black communities in Georgia, Maryland and North Carolina, despite widespread news coverage of it for the past week.

“Can you send the photos of the literature and tell me the exact states they have been distributed in so that I can contact our field offices?” said NAACP spokeswoman Jamiah Adams.

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Russian lawmaker asks Nobel Committee to strip Obama of Peace Prize

(RT.com) -- A representative of the populist LDPR nationalist party claims in an official letter that the US President should be blamed for thousands of innocent people’s deaths and therefore cannot keep his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

“More and more international experts are calling Obama’s presidency dark times. The reason for that is the brutal policy that he is conducting all over the world, like Napoleon or Hitler had done before. But I want to warn Obama so that he pays more attention to history and understands that he can end up like Hitler,” MP Roman Khudyakov said in an interview with Izvestia daily.

The politician added that under Obama the United States participated in the “dirty war” in the Middle East, financed the armed conflict in Ukraine and violated international law by torturing suspected terrorists. All this makes the US President complicit in the violent deaths of several thousand innocent civilians and such a person cannot remain the holder of the Nobel Peace Prize, Khudyakov said.

In addition, the lawmaker suggested to pass the Peace Prize taken from Obama to Russian President Vladimir Putin. “He stopped the war in Iran, in Syria and he is still saving a lot of people from major bloodshed. He is a vivid example of a politician who preserves peace and love in the world.”

Khudyakov is not the first Russian politician who has suggested stripping the US President of his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. In August this year, the head of the LDPR party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, wrote in a public address that Obama was not worthy of the honor.

Zhirinovsky stated that the fact that the Peace Prize was given to Obama in 2009 caused bewilderment from the very beginning – the award went to the man who had occupied his post for less than a year and had not claimed any real achievements, but instead started wars in the Mideast, Afghanistan and Ukraine. The Russian politician added that he himself had worked in the Peace Committee and previously the whole world had been proud of Nobel laureates. He noted that giving the Peace Prize to Obama “had done huge damage” but the mistake could still be corrected.

In March, senator, Lyudmila Bokova, asked the Nobel Committee to annul Obama’s peace prize claiming that the double standard policy of the US administration helped develop the political crisis in Ukraine.

In November last year, two Russian military-related NGOs, Officers of Russia and Soldiers’ Mothers, addressed the Nobel Committee with a request to evaluate Obama’s inhumane statements about drone warfare – the US President had reportedly told his aides that he was “really good at killing people” while evaluating drone strike results.

So far, all calls from Russian activists and politicians have gone unanswered. It should be noted, however, that the statutes of the Nobel Foundation forbid the revoking of prizes as well as any appeals against Nobel Committee decisions.

Mary Landrieu Suggests Southern US Racist Against Obama; Opponent Responds 'We're Not Racist, We Just Have Common Sense'

Incumbent Democratic Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu made some controversial remarks on “Meet the Press” when Chuck Todd asked her why Obama has struggled politically in the south.

Landrieu told Todd that the south hasn’t been the friendliest place for African Americans or women.

Less than four points separate Landrieu in the polls from her challenger, Rep. Bill Cassidy.

Cassidy joined Megyn Kelly by phone tonight to respond to Landrieu’s statement. He said that Louisiana residents don’t understand ObamaCare and can’t imagine why the president won’t approve the Keystone XL pipeline.

“When under our Constitution we work through the political process to change directions, we’re called racist,” he said.

Cassidy said that Louisiana residents are the ones suffering under ObamaCare, and he said Landrieu “should focus more on policies instead of insulting us.”

The Kelly File

Our Make-It-Up World: Do Facts Matter Anymore?

By Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Do bothersome facts matter anymore?

Not really. This is an age when Americans were assured that the Affordable Care Act lowered our premiums. It cut deductibles. Obamacare allowed us to keep our doctors and health plans, and lowered the deficit. Those fantasies were both demonstrably untrue and did not matter, given the supposedly noble aims of health care reform.

The Islamic State is at times dubbed jayvee, a manageable problem, and a dangerous enemy — or anything the administration wishes it to be, depending on the political climate of any given week.

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92% of Marine Casualties in Afghan War Occurred Under Obama

By Ali Meyer, CNS News

(CNSNews.com) -- As U.S. Marines withdraw from Operation Enduring Freedom (the Afghanistan war), CNSNews.com's database on casualties shows that 418 Marines have given their lives in the conflict and that 92% of those casualties, 385 deaths, have occurred since President Barack Obama took office in January 2009.

“U.S. Marines and service members from the United Kingdom left Regional Command Southwest in Afghanistan’s Helmand province today, turning their facilities over to the Afghan security forces,” reported the Department of Defense on Oct. 27.

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John Kerry: The Cold War Was Easy Compared to Today

By Kaveh Waddell, The National Journal

Today's global political landscape makes the cold war look simple, according to John Kerry.

"The cold war was easy compared to where we are today," the Secretary of State said Thursday, during an appearance at The Atlantic's Washington Ideas Forum, an annual event that features high-profile speakers in government and the private sector.

For the U.S. as a superpower, Kerry said, managing many countries' competing interests is more difficult than dealing with just one other superpower, like the Soviet Union.

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Dem Rep. Alan Grayson's Wife, Kids Now On Government Assistance

By: Ben Smith (Daily Caller)

The estranged wife and children of Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson have turned to government food stamps to support themselves, despite lawyers representing Grayson asserting that he provides them about $120,000 of assistance, WFTV 9 Orlando reports.

Grayson was named the 17th richest member of Congress this month by CQ Roll Call.

Grayson’s marriage of 29 years dissolved earlier this year when his wife, Lolita Grayson, filed for divorce. A week later, Rep. Grayson asked a court to annul the marriage on the basis of bigamy.

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Netanyahu is no coward, but Obama is a liar

Obama US Mideast

(by Mark Langfan, Israel National News) -- PM Netanyahu has been a brave Israeli Prime Minister on the Iranian nuclear issue.  Why?  The entire present-day country of Iran is rung with huge difficult mountains.  In specific, the Zagros Mountains line Iran’s western borders and tower over 4,000 meters high.  For Israel, Iran’s multiple geographically and topographically nested nuke facilities are no Iraqi Osirik in the plains of Mesopotamia.  Iran is tough military nut to crack.  Prime Minister Netanyahu didn’t attack Iran, but not because he is a coward.  Israel didn’t attack Iran because:

1. Obama serially lied to Israel, and promised Israel the US wouldn’t allow Iran to construct a nuclear bomb. 

2. Obama also extorted and threatened Israel not to attack Iran.  

Netanyahu’s not a coward on Iran; but Obama is liar and an Iranian stooge.

This started in October 2008, not October 2014.  Claims that “ISIS aligned the US and Iran” just recently are pure idiocy.  Obama walked into the Oval Office in 2009 already aligned with Iran, and with Valerie Jarett having a direct telephone line to the Iranian Twelver mullahs.  “ISIS” is only a convenient excuse for Obama to come out of his Iranian closet.  Obama has protected the Iranian-terror state from the start   For instance, when there was the first Iranian uprising Obama doted over Iran's regime like a doting mother over her little new-born babe as Iran machine-gunned protesters in the streets.

Obama has always held an American military supply knife to Israel’s throat.  Obama withheld vital US Hellfire air-to-ground missiles from Israel when Hamas was actively firing Iranian M302mm Khaibar missiles into Tel Aviv; just imagine what American military supplies Obama would have withheld from Israel if Israel had violated Obama’s “don’t-attack-Iran-or-else” threats.  In retrospect, Bibi wasn’t a coward for not attacking Iran, he was a prescient military genius.  One never begins a war without having the supply chain to finish it. 

Imagine what horrific concessions in “Judea and Samaria” Obama could have extorted out of Israel if Israel was in the middle of a war with Iran/Hebollah/Hmas, and Obama had pulled the military plug on Israel as in the 2014 Gaza War?  This would expose Israel to a Hamastan 'West Bank' rocket state.  I have always believed Obama would betray Israel in any war, let alone an Israel-Iran war, so I never sided with a unilateral Israeli attack on Iran. 

Obama betrayed Israel on a defensive operation, letting Israel understood that it could never trust Obama in any war, let alone an offensive war against Iran’s nukes where Israel would have to project power over a thousand miles away.

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(by Steve Peoples, AP) -- The 2014 midterm elections are days away, but preparation are already underway for the first debate of the 2016 presidential primary contest.

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation announced Thursday that it will invite GOP presidential candidates to attend a televised debate at California's Reagan Library in September 2015.

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NYC "Actively Monitoring" 117 People at Risk for Ebola

(NBC News New York) -- The city is actively monitoring nearly 120 people who have recently returned from Ebola-stricken countries out of an abundance of caution as it seeks to prevent the spread of the deadly virus, Mayor de Blasio's administration said Thursday.

Marti Adams, first deputy press secretary for the administration, said most of the 117 people being monitored arrived in New York City from Guinea, Sierra Leone or Liberia Oct. 11 or later. Active monitoring means state or local health officials establish regular communication with the individuals, rather than relying on them to self-monitor and report potential symptoms.

The list of people being monitored includes members of the staff at Bellevue Hospital Center who are caring for Craig Spencer, New York City's first and only confirmed case of Ebola.

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Mysterious Permanent No-Fly Zones Set-up Over Disney Theme Parks...

For some VERY STRANGE reason, PERMANENT no-fly zones have been set up over both Disney theme parks in Florida and California as shared in the brand new video below from DAHBOO77. While those who dig into conspiracies are asking a few questions, I’ve found more than 30 new no-fly zones across the country on the FAA website with a huge focus on the next week. 



Video of the Day – Watch as 8 Police Officers Fire 46 Shots and Kill a Homeless Man in Broad Daylight

(by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg) -- Out of control police brutality (including outright murder), and the militarization of cops across America, while significant issues in their own right, take on an even more pressing degree of concern when viewed as a reflection of society as a whole. For years now, I have been trying to point out the connection between banker bailouts, corruption in Washington D.C., imperialistic foreign policy and police aggression. They are all different sides of the same coin. All of these things are merely symptoms of the core cancer, which is a sociopathic elite running the nation and not applying the rule of law to those who are in power; wherever that power happens to reside.

This article is a perfect followup to my piece from earlier in the week, To Protect and Perve – California Cops Share Nude Photos Stolen from Citizens’ Cellphones, in which I wrote:

The worst thing about the government’s reckless response to the financial crisis of 2008, even worse than the trillions in taxpayer bailouts and backstops granted to the financial criminals that created the disaster, is the primary lesson that it sent to American society as a whole. Some people like to call it “moral hazard,” but in more pedestrian terms it really just boils down to: The Bad Guys Got Away with It.

As long as the worst amongst us continue to get away with their criminality, the more of it we will see. In fact, the more brutal and cartoonish it will get.

A very sad and disturbing example of this happened in 2012, when a terrified, 49-year old, mentally illl homeless man, Milton Hall, was gunned down to death in broad daylight by 8 cops in Saginaw, Michigan.

He represents everything our superficial, greed obsessed, immoral culture despises. He was a homeless, mentally ill black man.

This is how cops disposed of him:

This happened in 2012, but the reason it is being highlighted today is the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan recently released a statement highlighting the fact that the “Justice” Department has failed to prosecute the officers involved. The DOJ claims that: “this tragic event does not present sufficient evidence of willful misconduct to lead to a federal criminal prosecution.” 

How can anyone who sees this video agree with that statement. The bad guys won again. Justice no longer resides in America. No wonderFerguson exploded.

Warrant Issued After Democrat Senator’s Husband Caught Stealing Republican Campaign Signs on Video


(by Mikael Thalen, Infowars) -- Police issued an arrest warrant for the husband of Delaware State Sen. Bethany Hall-Long Wednesday after Republican volunteers captured him stealing political campaign signs on video.

Local members of the First State Liberty PAC and Republican Party, who posted video of the incident to Youtube, stated that repeated sign thefts in the city of Middletown prompted several members to begin monitoring the area after dark.

At around 4 a.m. Wednesday morning, only two hours after the group arrived, a man was seen collecting signs and attempting to load them into his vehicle. Caught in the act, the man, later identified as Dana Long, began justifying the theft by falsely claiming that the signs had “no names” on them.

“Property of the Republican Party!” one volunteer said, reading from the sign.

“We got you, brother! We got the license plate, your face, and everything,” another volunteer added.

After reporting the incident, the group was informed that the license plate and description of the suspect matched that of State Sen. Long’s husband.

Unable to locate the suspect, Middletown Police issued a warrant for Long’s arrest, charging him with Class A misdemeanor theft. If convicted, Long could face up to a year in prison and a fine of $2,300.

Although Long refused to speak due to the “advice of counsel,” Long’s wife issued a short statement following the video’s release.

My husband is the man depicted in the video. The video shows him removing a handful of signs this morning. He turned them over to the Democratic Party and asked that they be returned to the Republican Party about six hours after they were taken up. Sadly, this race has become tough and personal. My husband is my high school sweetheart and he loves me very much. I was not aware that he had allowed his frustration over the campaign attacks to get the better of him. Of course I’m disappointed and wish that it had not happened.

John Fluharty, the state’s GOP executive director, argued that the encounter merely reflected the Democratic Party’s continued corruption and failure.

“When you only have a track record of high taxes, unemployment and lower wages for private sector employees to stand on, the Democrats must resort to breaking the law to win elections because they are scared of being held accountable for their dismal performance,” Fluharty wrote.

Whether the incident will sway the upcoming election remains to be seen.

A visibly agitated Obama 'frustrated' by critics of U.S. Ebola response

(The Washington Times) -- A visibly agitated President Obama on Wednesday ripped into critics of the U.S. response to the Ebola virus, insisting that his administration was leading the charge to “snuff out” the deadly disease.

“When I hear people talking about American leadership and then are promoting policies that would avoid leadership ... [and have us] hiding under the covers, it makes me a little frustrated,” the president said, joined by healthcare workers who treated the disease in West Africa, including American Ebola survivor Dr. Kent Brantly.

With less than a week to the midterms, the president is making public remarks almost daily in an attempt to fend off charges that his administration was caught flat-footed by a virus that has traveled from West Africa to the United States.

Governors implementing Ebola policies that contradict the president’s blueprint, however, are undermining the White House's message.

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