Ebola warning: CDC tells airlines to 'treat all body fluids as infectious'...

(by Paul Bedard, The Washington Examiner) -- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, increasing their warnings on Ebola, is advising airlines and jet staff to treat all body fluids as infectious, even on domestic flights.

“Treat all body fluids as though they are infectious,” said the latest CDC update to airlines. The update notes that if Ebola is suspected, aircraft can be cleaned mid-flight. The update is apparently meant to stress the rights airlines have to block anyone who appears "ill" from boarding.

The agency this week suggested that the Ebola crisis could strike 500,000 by the end of January. Others note that some 200,000 Africans from nations hit by the deadly virus have visas to travel to the United States.

The CDC is getting out in front of what could be a problem in the United States if somebody with the virus slips through security checkpoints overseas and arrives in America. In addition to the new precautions to airlines, the CDC has also provided hospitals and health centers with special protocols on handling people suspected of having Ebola.

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Military Plant In East Ukraine Devastated By Massive Explosion; Kiev Accuses Russia Of Using Tactial Nuke

(by Tyler Durden, ZERO HEDGE) -- Last night’s headlines crowed in bright red flashing text that Russia and Ukraine had (once again) agreed a cease-fire and terms over the borders between the two nations. Perhaps not surprisingly, mere hours later, Ukraine is claiming that Russia has broken the truce… with the use of a tactical nuclear weapon at Luhansk airport. This comes on the heels of claims by the pro-Russia separatists that Kiev forces destroyed a massive military plant in Donetsk. Russia’s defense ministry flatly denies the ‘nuclear strikes’ adding that “no reasonable person will take them seriously.”This truce-breaking action has once again raised calls among Ukrainians for the nation to get its nuclear status back; something Russia is clearly strongly against.

Earlier in the day, a massive military facility in pro-Russian separatist-held Donetsk was destroyedAs RT reports, a neighborhood official told Ukrainian 112 television that a shell hit the plant.

“There was a direct hit at the No 47 industrial explosives shop, where some explosives were present. It detonated and caused another explosion. Luckily it didn’t hit the main storage facility where we have some 2.5 tons of explosives,” said Ivan Prikhod’ko, deputy chair of the local community council.

He added that while the incident caused considerable damage, nobody was hurt.

There is no verified report about what kind of weapon hit the plant. But there are rumors of it being targeted by a Tochka-U tactical missile launched by Kiev’s troops.


“According to our information, three Tochka-U missiles were fired and there you have it,” a militia member who identified himself as codename ‘Scorpio’ told RT.

Then, as ITAR-TASS reports,

Ukrainian media earlier in the day quoted Geletei as telling one of the journalists that the Russian army had delivered two tactical nuclear strikes on the Lugansk airport from a self-propelled Tyulpan 2S4 mortar system, thus causing the Ukrainian troops to leave the area.

“The strikes were so powerful that they demolished buildings completely from top to bottom,” media reports quoted him as saying.

And as Inforesist notes, this was confirmed by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Valery Geletey during the return of the Ukrainian delegation from Poland.

It is reported on your page in the Facebook Roman Bocskai.

In particular, the forces of the Russian Federation made two impact of self-propelled mortar 2S4 “Tulip” in Lugansk airport. It is for this reason that our military had left him. Blows were so powerful that “completely destroyed the building from the fifth floor to the basement” – described the minister.

The devastation at Luhansk Airport…

h/t @L0ggol

Which, as ITAR-TASS reports, the Russian Defense Ministry flatly denied…

Ukrainian media reports said that Defence Minister Geletei had made this statement upon return from talks in Poland.


“The leadership of Ukraine should consider sending Geletei through a basic military training course where rookies learn the main effects of a nuclear explosion and its consequences,” the Russian Defence Ministry said in what meant to be a jock.


“Speaking seriously, Geletei’s regular attempts to justify the failures of the punitive operation in the south-east of Ukraine by alleged actions of Russian army units look like paranoia. But no reasonable person will take them seriously,” the ministry said.

*  *  *
What is somewhat comical is that these incidents comes just hours after Friday’s signing of an extended ceasefire deal between Kiev and rebel forces, which hopes to put an end to hostilities in eastern Ukraine. The deal includes pulling back all heavy weapons from cities and frontlines.

The blast happened just as a Russian humanitarian aid convoy was unloading elsewhere in the city. Some 200 trucks carrying 2,000 tons of aid crossed the border earlier on Saturday.

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Scientists baffled by 'alien eggs' on Sydney beach...

(UK Daily Mail) -- Visitors from outer space or a natural phenomena? Surfers and early morning walkers were stunned to find thousands of 'alien eggs' on a Sydney beach this weekend.

Locals in Dee Why, on the city's North Shore, reported seeing a large number of the strange objects which had washed ashore overnight.

But rather than the green spheres being something from another planet, scientists explained they were a type of sponge-like seaweed that forms egg shapes possibly to protect themselves from predators.  

Beach-goers said they'd never seen anything like it, describing the balls as 'alien eggs, 'alien hairballs', Japanese moss balls and UFOs (Unidentified Floating Objects).

'About three days ago, there were a few egg-shaped balls but then today, they were much bigger and everywhere on the beach,' Naraweena resident Jenny Zhang told The Manly Daily. 

Scarlett de Villiers from nearby Davidson saw the weird balls on her regular morning beach walk.

'It was a windy day with a very high tide. I picked one up and squeezed it and it was so squishy - but I wasn't sure if it was alive and was worried I might hurt anything inside!' she told the Daily Mail. 'It struck me how perfectly shaped they all were and how green and alive they looked.'

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'No Justice, No Football': Ferguson demonstrators threaten to shut down TODAY'S St. Louis Rams game if officer Darren Wilson is not arrested


ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – KMOX News has learned Ferguson protestors are seeking St. Louis Rams tickets in the hopes of getting into the Edward Jones Dome and disrupting this Sunday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys.

We first heard about the threat Tuesday at the St. Louis County Council meeting.

“It’s not going to a fun day Sunday at your beautiful Rams game,” one protestor said.

Speaking with KMOX hosts Debbie Monterrey and Michael Kelley on Thursday morning, St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said he’s well aware of those threats and is working on plans to counteract them.

“We are having extra resources in the downtown area for this weekend to address any eventuality,” Dotson said.

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(UK Daily Mail) -- 'No Justice, No Football': Ferguson demonstrators threaten to shut down St. Louis Rams game if officer Darren Wilson is not arrested

  • Threat was made at St. Louis County Council meeting Tuesday as demonstrators also demanded the resignations of key county officials
  • Demonstrators also promised to disrupt grocery stores and hold even more massive protest if St. Louis Cardinals make this year's World Series
  • Police promise to shut down anything more than a 'peaceful' demonstration

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Michelle Obama: Americans ‘Take For Granted’ How Much Barack Has Improved U.S.

(by Nickarama, WZ) -- She speaks about for the “first time in history”, “three brilliant women serving on our Supreme Court”, as though there had been no women before Barack Obama, seemingly forgetting it was Ronald Reagan who appointed the first woman, not Barack Obama. Moreover, Justice Ginsburg was appointed by Clinton, not Obama. But let not facts interfere with fantasy-weaving…

Via Breitbart:

First Lady Michelle Obama proudly defended her husband’s record at a Washington, D.C. fundraiser, reminding the attendants how far the country had come since the Obamas entered the White House.

“Just think about how different our country looks to children growing up today,” she said. “Think about how our kids take for granted that a black person or a woman can be President of the United States.”

She also praised President Obama for changing history on gay marriage and the Supreme Court.

“They take it for granted that for the first time in history, there are three brilliant women serving on our Supreme Court,” she said. “They take for granted that their president will end hurtful policies like ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,’ they’ll speak out for gay marriage.

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Satanists To Hand Out Literature To Public School Kids In Florida

Via The Blaze:

Satanists have announced that they will be joining a national atheist group in handing out controversial literature to public school students in Orange County, Florida.

Among the materials reportedly planned for this school year are a Satanic-themed coloring book, “pamphlets related to the Temple’s tenets, philosophy and practice of Satanism, as well as information about the legal right to practice Satanism in school,” according to a press release from The Satanic Temple.

While both the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a secular activist group, and The Satanic Temple, a New York City-based organization that “facilitates the communication and mobilization of politically aware Satanists,” disagree with the decision to allow religious materials, both plan to combat Bible dissemination by giving out their own ideological literature at public schools in Orange County.

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Obamacare Architect Announces ‘Optimal Age Of Death’

Via The Atlantic:


That’s how long I want to live: 75 years.

This preference drives my daughters crazy. It drives my brothers crazy. My loving friends think I am crazy. They think that I can’t mean what I say; that I haven’t thought clearly about this, because there is so much in the world to see and do. To convince me of my errors, they enumerate the myriad people I know who are over 75 and doing quite well. They are certain that as I get closer to 75, I will push the desired age back to 80, then 85, maybe even 90.

I am sure of my position. Doubtless, death is a loss. It deprives us of experiences and milestones, of time spent with our spouse and children. In short, it deprives us of all the things we value.

But here is a simple truth that many of us seem to resist: living too long is also a loss. It renders many of us, if not disabled, then faltering and declining, a state that may not be worse than death but is nonetheless deprived. It robs us of our creativity and ability to contribute to work, society, the world. It transforms how people experience us, relate to us, and, most important, remember us. We are no longer remembered as vibrant and engaged but as feeble, ineffectual, even pathetic.

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Are The Military And Obama Regime Whitewashing Bergdahl’s Crimes?

Via NY Post:

Three and a half months have come and gone and the Pentagon has offered no clarity on what happened to alleged Army deserter and Taliban collaborator Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Fellow soldiers and other critics fear the military’s now-delayed investigation is shaping up to be a whitewash.

The case has become a political powder keg for President Obama.

Since he traded five imprisoned Taliban leaders for Bergdahl, the US Government Accountability Office has declared the swap illegal, and nearly two dozen House Democrats have joined Republicans in officially condemning the move for making “Americans less safe.”

In addition, the Taliban deal appears to have encouraged the Islamic State to put up American hostages as trade bait to free other terrorist detainees, namely “Lady al Qaeda” Aafia Siddiqui.

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ISIS fighters terrified of being killed by female troops

(by Geoff Earle, NY Post) -- Kurdish fighters battling ISIS desperately want more guns and armor, but they already have a secret weapon: The fanatics they’re fighting fear that if they get killed in combat by a woman, they won’t go to heaven.

“They have many female battalions, as you know who fought very bravely,” Rep. Ed Royce (R-Calif.), who chairs the House International Relations Committee, told The Post of the Kurds.

Royce, who met this week with the foreign minister of Kurdistan, cited recent reports of young female Kurdish troops “laughing” at ISIS forces they had turned back.

“These ISIL soldiers apparently believed that if they were killed in battle, they went to paradise as long as they were killed by a man,” Royce explained, using another acronym for the terror group.

“And these female soldiers were communicating their satisfaction with the fact that they had taken the fight to ISIL and had stopped the advance, turned back the advance — slayed a number of these fighters, who would then run away,” he added with a chuckle.

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Obama aims to 'grow' aid for China...

(WND Exclusive) -- The Obama administration now has ambitions to expand the number of aid programs to China and is working on deploying a privately contracted overseer to “manage and grow” this development portfolio, WND has discovered.

Obama intends to accomplish that task through the U.S. Trade & Development Agency, or USTDA, which technically is an “independent” White House agency – one that has spent millions on projects in China under both the Obama and George W. Bush administrations.

Those projects have included, among numerous other industry sector-specific programs, 50 climate-change and environmental initiatives since 2001, according to USTDA estimates.

The agency this year began searching for a candidate from the private sector to fill its Beijing-based “program manager” slot. The newly created position includes East Asia-wide responsibilities but has a largely China-centric focus.

Indeed, according to a Personal Services Contractor, or PSC, notice that WND discovered via routine database research, the manager will be tasked with providing “on-the-ground support” to numerous USTDA-initiated U.S.-China cooperation programs.

Those endeavors include the U.S.-China Aviation Cooperation Program, the U.S.-China Energy Cooperation Program, the U.S.-China Health Cooperation Program, “as well as the newly-formed U.S.-China Agriculture Cooperation Program,” the PSC document says.

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U.S. Navy caught spying on the ENTIRE state of Washington

(by Drew Zahn, WND) -- A child pornography case in Washington has shockingly escalated as an appeals court determined the U.S. Navy has been engaged in a “routine” and “widespread” program of “hacking” into private citizens’ computers and turning over information to law enforcement agencies.

In a decision filed Sept. 12, a three-judge panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals called the revelations such a “massive” and “extraordinary” violation of the law it threw out evidence the Navy had collected against Michael Allan Dreyer of Algona, Washington, who had been sentenced in 2012 to 18 years in prison for distribution of child pornography.

According to court documents, a Naval Criminal Investigative Service, or NCIS, agent in Georgia named Steve Logan trolled for traces of child pornography on computers across Washington State. When Logan discovered offending content on Dreyer’s computer, the agent turned the information over to the police.

The judges ruled Logan’s action a violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, which prohibits the military from enforcing civilian laws, and warned greater action needs to be taken to stop the NCIS from continuing the practice.

“There could be no bona fide military purpose to this indiscriminate peeking into civilian computers,” Senior 9th Circuit Judge Andrew Kleinfeld wrote in a concurring opinion with the majority. “Letting a criminal go free to deter national military investigation of civilians is worth it.”

“The extraordinary nature of the surveillance here demonstrates a need to deter future violations,” the court ruled. “So far as we can tell from the record, it has become a routine practice for the Navy to conduct surveillance of all the civilian computers in an entire state to see whether any child pornography can be found on them, and then to turn over the information to civilian law enforcement when no military connection exists. This is squarely a case of the military undertaking the initiative to enforce civilian law against civilians.”

The ruling continued, “Agent Logan carried out these searches repeatedly. He was monitoring another computer at the same time that he found Dreyer’s IP address. And he was involved with at least twenty other child pornography investigations. Further, Agent Logan was not the only NCIS agent who engaged in such searches.”

Erik Levin, the former federal public defender who represented Dreyer during his trial and appeal, told the Seattle Times this case takes the “militarization of police” rhetoric that spiked following the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, to whole new level.

“This,” Levin said, “is the real militarization of police – when the military becomes the police.”

The 9th Circuit Appeals panel unanimously agreed.

“This case,” Kleinfeld wrote, “amounts to the military acting as a national police force to investigate civilian law violations by civilians.”

He continued, “This is more ‘widespread’ than any military investigation of civilians in any case that has been brought to our attention.”

U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan, whose office prosecuted Dreyer and argued the appeal, called the 9th Circuit’s opinion “wrong,” the Times reported.

In its appellate briefs, U.S. government attorneys argued Logan was a civilian employee of the NCIS and that his role in the investigation was peripheral.

The Navy’s argument held little water with the judges.

“Such an expansive reading of the military role in the enforcement of civilian laws demonstrates a profound lack of regard for the important limitations on the role of the military in our civilian society,” wrote Judge Marsha Berzon.

ALERT: U.S. government watching for 'Americans with guns'

'Just listen to the language Holder uses'

'Just listen to the language Holder uses'

(by Josh Ely, WND) -- The terrorism threat is becoming more and more ominous for Americans: Two of the three victims murdered by ISIS Muslims in the past few weeks have been American. There has been evidence of Muslims crossing into the U.S. illegally from Mexico. And there have been individual instances of Muslims accused of killing Americans in the U.S.

So what is U.S. Attorney General Eric Holders plan? A “community based” approach.

He’s suggested that groups outside of traditional law enforcement can keep an eye out for, or intervene in the lives of individuals who may be at risk for radicalization. ISIS was only mentioned once in a recent speech by Holder, and it was clear that he wants to avoid hinting that the new program would seek out those susceptible to following extremist ideologies.

Cheryl Chumley, author of “Police State USA: How Orwell’s Nightmare is Becoming Our Reality,” believes Holder’s approach was a mistake.

“Just listen to the language Holder uses – he wants to build community coalitions to ‘raise awareness’ and ‘share information on best practices’ to combat terrorism and persuade Americans contemplating joining the jihad to rethink those plans,” she said.

If this matches Holder’s approach to domestic terror, Chumley was unsurprised. She said Holder’s “main fear” is domestic violence.

Last year, the Congressional Research Service published a paper examining domestic terrorism.

In it, the FBI defined domestic terrorism as having no foreign component whatsoever.

In fact, the bureau’s and the Department of Homeland Security’s practical shorthand definition of domestic terrorism is “Americans attacking Americans based on U.S.-based extremist ideologies.”

Also cited was a Southern Poverty Law Center claim that “changing racial demographics of the country, frustration over the government’s handling of the economy and the mainstreaming of conspiracy theories motivated some hate groups.”

The report and high profile incidents in its wake led Holder to revive the Domestic Terrorism Executive Committee within the Department of Justice. However, other federal departments’ policies had predated Holder’s stance on domestic terror.

The Washington Times reported in 2009 that the Department of Homeland Security had issued a warning to local law enforcement about “rightwing extremist activity.”

Adding to the narrative, the group New America had labeled instances of domestic terrorism “deadly right wing attacks” and claiming they were more prevalent than jihadist-inspired terror in the years since 9/11.

The data had quietly shaped government policy. Chumley said that by this time, the attorney general’s intentions had been made “loud and clear.”

Holder believed, said Chumley, “America’s biggest threat is Americans with guns – not ISIS terrorists with a stated goal of spreading the caliphate throughout the world.”

“And that’s why ISIS continues to spread, and will continue to spread,” she said.

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AP: 8 Ways The Obama Admin Is Blocking Information, “Day To Day Intimidation Is Chilling”

(RT) -- Uncovering information that should be available to the public has become increasingly difficult under the presidency of Barack Obama, an Associated Press bureau chief says. In some cases, it surpasses the secrecy of the George W. Bush administration.

The White House’s penchant for secrecy does not just apply to the federal government, according to AP's Washington bureau chief, Sally Buzbee. During a joint meeting of news editors, she stated that the same kind of behavior is starting to appear in state and local governments.

Buzbee pointed out eight ways that the Obama administration is stifling public access to information – including keeping reporters away from witnessing any military action the United States takes as it battles Islamic State extremists in the Middle East.

“The public can’t see any of it,” Buzbee said, referring to the military campaign. “News organizations can’t shoot photos or video of bombers as they take off – there are no embeds. In fact, the administration won’t even say what country the [US] bombers fly from.”

She also expressed frustration with the government’s handling of the upcoming 9/11 trial, during which journalists are prohibited from looking at even non-classified court filings in real time.

“We don’t know what prosecutors are asking for, or what defense attorneys are arguing,” she said.

Meanwhile, basic information about the prison complex in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba is being withheld from the public, despite the fact that the Bush administration freely shared this data. The media is unable to learn how many inmates are on hunger strike in the infamous prison, or how frequently assaults on guards take place.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests have become harder than ever to process, Buzbee added. Government officials often fail to do so unless media outlets bring a lawsuit to bear.

At the same time, federal officials have begun pressuring state and local agencies to keep quiet.

“The FBI has directed local police not to disclose details about surveillance technology the police departments use to sweep up cellphone data,” Buzbee said. “In some cases, federal officials have formally intervened in state open records cases, arguing for secrecy.”

FBI: Bombing ISIS Will Only STRENGTHEN Them

(Washington's Blog)

Antiwar notes:

US airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq, far from “degrading” the organization, are actually giving ISIS a huge shot in the arm, according to FBI Director James Comey, who testified today before Congress.


The US operation seems to be playing directly into ISIS’ hands in many ways, with President Obama’s high-profile speech last Wednesday, promising to escalate the war on ISIS into neighboring Syria, paying off for ISIS in recruitment as well.

And see this.

Reuters reports:

Islamic State has won new recruits in Syria since President Barack Obama signaled last week that air strikes against the group will be expanded from Iraq to its strongholds in northern and eastern Syria, a group monitoring the war said on Wednesday.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 162 people had joined Islamic State training camps in Aleppo province since Sept 10, when Obama said he would not hesitate to strike Islamic State in Syria.

The new recruits do not represent a big increase in the size of IS, which is estimated by intelligence agencies at 20,000 to 30,000 fighters in Syria and Iraq. But they do illustrate the risk that U.S.-led efforts to crush Islamic State will end up winning it more followers.

Daniel Ellsberg notes:

ISIS wants us to attack — it helps recruitment; makes parallel to Vietnam War

If this sounds naive, remember that Islamic terrorists weren’t even in Iraq until the U.S. invaded that country.

Former Washington Post and HuffPost writer – now with the Intercept – Dan Froomkin explains:

… experts in the field believe that the recent beheadings of two American journalists and a British aid worker were deliberate acts of provocation, and that ISIS is not just hoping for an American overreaction, but depending on it — perhaps even for its own survival.

Ali Soufan, the former FBI agent who was one of the few heroes of modern American counter-terrorism, tells Mehdi Hasan of the Huffington Post UK:

They are trying to suck the west into the war with them…. Then they’ll be not only the regional bad boy, but also the bad boy for the global jihadi movement. They can then claim they are in an international war – a modern day Crusade – against all the countries coming to fight them.

What good would that do? According to Soufan:

[The Islamic State is] fearful of Islamists within [their movement] turning against them…. They want to fight the British and the Americans… to unify the extremists within and diminish any kind of meaningful threat within their support base. They are not fearful of secular or moderate people.

Journalist and author Steve Weissman writes for Reader Supported News that Obama is giving ISIS just what it wants:

… the more jihadis Obama kills, the more Sunnis that Obama recruits to their ranks. Not a winning strategy.


An editorial in the Guardian on Sunday lays out the case for self-control in the immediate aftermath of the third ISIS beheading last week, of British aid worker David Haines:

The killing of Mr Haines was not an act of revenge. It was an act of provocation. Like the two murders of the American journalists, it was designed to frighten and to inflame. It seems nothing would please Isis more than for these killings to provoke an intemperate and thoughtless violent reaction from those at whom they are aimed. Such a reaction might, in Isis’s crude and perverse logic, give them public legitimacy as victims rather than as killers. Such things have happened all too often in history. This in itself is a good enough reason for western leaders to have cool reactions.

Matthew Hoh, a former State Department official who resigned in protest in 2009 over U.S. strategy in Afghanistan, responded to ISIS provocation with a provocative headline in his Huffington Post essay: “The Beheadings Are Bait.”

He sees a repeat of the invasion of Iraq in 2003, which achieved the goals of radical extremists vastly more than it achieved those of the U.S.:

… The Islamic State is a parasite of war. Its members and its narrative need war for their personal, organizational and ideological validation and success. That is why the only way to defeat the Islamic State is to take the war away from them.

A few members of Congress have raised concerns about playing into the Islamic State’s hands. Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wisc.) recently spoke from the House floor, saying:

We have got to be sure that we are not falling into doing something that could be counterproductive because, clearly, ISIL did that to provoke a reaction, and I think that needs to be a part of the debate we have.

And Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), a member of the House Intelligence Committee, told CNN last month:

[W]e shouldn’t allow this horrible act to provoke us into doing things that are counterproductive.

There’s nothing that ISIS would like more than having us reintroduce ground troops in Iraq, for example. So we have to be careful not to let this, the horror of this act provoke us to doing things that don’t make sense for us to do and that’s very difficult, but I think it’s extraordinarily important we keep our focus on what we can achieve.

Whether a military response would be exactly what the Islamic State wants was the first question that former CIA Middle East expert Paul Pillar raised when I asked him earlier this month what sorts of questions the press should be pursuing instead of banging the drums for war.

And Juan Cole, the University of Michigan professor and authoritative Middle East blogger, writes that journalists are also getting played, by giving the beheadings too much free media:

These acts of public brutality against a helpless individual are intended in part to announce that despite their military superiority, Westerners are not 10 feet tall and can be cut down to size. They announce leadership and encourage angry young men to join ISIL rather than one of its many rivals. They also push Western publics to demand reprisals. Reprisals in turn can be used by the radical group as proof to its followers that it really is being unjustly targeted by the big bad superpower. It is a passive aggressive form of terrorism.

It seems to me that editors should refuse to play along with this sick game.

Liberals and conservatives agree:  Bin Laden won, because the West overreacted and indiscriminately bombed and regime changed all over the Middle East … turning the Arab population against the U.S., and spending trillions in the process.

We’re about to do the same thing in overreacting to ISIS …

AP: Obama causes his own problems...

(The Associated Press) -- President Barack Obama’s military campaign against Islamic State group extremists has already crept beyond the narrow parameters he first outlined three months ago.

But military experts both inside and outside of the administration argue that even more may be needed for the mission to succeed, including embedding U.S. ground troops with Iraqi security forces who are on the front line of the fight against the violent militants. Taking that step could put Obama dangerously close to violating his pledges to keep Americans out of combat in Iraq.

For Obama, re-engaging in combat in Iraq would not only mark a reversal of his promises with regard to the current mission, but also undercut one of the broader causes of his presidency, which has been to end lengthy American wars and avoid new ones. But if his military commanders ask for ground troops and he rejects the request, he could be accused of putting his legacy ahead of the mission’s success.

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Rand Paul: "Obama Abusing Our Laws"

(by Cathleen Decker, LA Times) -- Fewer than 50 days before an election that may give Republicans control of the Senate as well as the House, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Saturday skipped past those contests entirely to focus on one in which he may play a more central role — the 2016 presidential race.

Paul, the featured speaker at the California Republican convention, made no mention of the party’s national advantages this year. He blasted President Obama and potential Democratic nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton as insufficient present or future commanders-in-chief. He insisted that the GOP must dramatically expand its reach in order to win presidential contests — a strategy that coincides with his pre-presidential efforts.

He accused Obama of confounding the Constitution when he expanded Obamacare, moved against overseas targets without specific congressional authorization, and announced plans — since delayed — to use executive action to change the nation’s immigration laws.

“It is a terrible tragedy, it is a danger to us as a country, and we need to do everything we can to stop him from abusing our laws,” Paul said. He said later, "We have a president who basically has created a lawless atmosphere in Washington.”

Speaking about Clinton, he used her famous 2008 primary ad, which argued that she more than Obama would be the president capable of answering a phone call about a middle-of-the-night crisis:

“I think she had a 3 a.m. moment. She didn’t answer the phone, and I think it absolutely should preclude her from being [president],” he said after detailing what he termed her failings leading up to the 2012 attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya. (His final word was obscured by applause from the strongly anti-Clinton crowd.)

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DEVELOPING: West Wing Livid Over Military Revolt -- “You remind those assh*les who they take orders from!”


(by DW Ulsterman) -- White House staff are reportedly livid following a series of publicly aired disagreements between President Obama and top military officials.

Things became so bad this afternoon, a senior White House adviser is said to have yelled out during a phone conference with a group of Senate Democrats, “You remind those assh*les who they take orders from!”

Two days earlier it was the top military officer in the nation, Army General Martin Dempsey, who informed Congress ground troops were to be a viable option in the war against ISIS. For days Barack Obama had stated publicly ground troops were not an option.

Today it was recently retired Marine General James Mattis, who told the House Intelligence Committee directly called out the foolishness of the president’s willingness to openly share with America’s enemies prior to impending war, how far we are willing to take that war.

“Half-hearted or tentative efforts, or airstrikes alone, can backfire on us and actually strengthen our foes’ credibility,” he said. “We may not wish to reassure our enemies in advance that they will not see American boots on the ground.”

General Mattis was in effect, declaring Barack Obama “half-hearted and tentative”, a description that likely made the president, a man known to suffer from terribly thin skin, a rather unhappy camper.

Interestingly, more information has surfaced recently of the ongoing dispute between Pentagon officials and the Obama White House over Barack Obama’s earlier and quite vocal desire to wage war against Syria. Military leaders, while agreeing it appeared Assad had likely used chemical weapons, they were increasingly concerned with the White House’s lack of a clear goal or strategy, fearing the conflict was would be hindered by a president overly concerned with his own political standing and influence rather than the safety of American soldiers fighting an uncertain war.


ALERT -- Fresh security scare at White House -- Second man arrested TODAY trying to enter White House

(FOX News) -- An unidentified man was arrested Saturday outside the White House after driving up to a gate and refusing to leave, less than 24 hours after another man jumped the fence and got inside the presidential residence before being arrested, according to the Secret Service.

The second incident occurred at about 3 p.m. when the man approached one of the White House gates on foot. He later showed up at another gate in a car and pulled into the vehicle screening area, said agency spokesman Ed Donovan. 

When the man refused to leave, he was placed under arrest and charged with unlawful entry. The suspect has been identified as Kevin Carr from Shamong, N.J. 

Bomb technicians, fully suited, could be seen looking through a white four-door sedan with New Jersey plates and pulling out what appeared to be keys. Streets near the White House were temporarily closed as officers responded, but the White House was not locked down.

The first family had left for a weekend trip to the presidential retreat Camp David, in western Maryland.

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Top Marine General on Obama’s ISIS Plan – Not a Snowball’s Chance in Hell of Success

(by Rick Wells, GOP The Daily Dose) -- Retired Marine General James Conway served as Commandant of the Marine Corps from 2006 until 2010. He was at the top of Marine leadership during the transition from Bush to Obama and knows the challenges that our present-day military leadership faces in dealing with the current occupant of the White House.

General Conway offered his knowledge and expertise in evaluating the Obama “strategy” for dealing with the ISIS terrorist threat and how effective, in his opinion, the plan will be. In making his comments Friday at the Maverick PAC Conference in Washington, DC, Conway said, “I don’t think the ‘president’s’ plan has a snowball’s chance in hell of succeeding.”

Among Conway’s concerns was the absence of a sufficient, reliable ground force in Syria. The Obama regime is betting on the unproven “Syrian rebels,” whose loyalties remain difficult to determine and whose fighting capabilities are not of a caliber equal to those of the Peshmerga in Kurdistan and much below the now off-limits American foot soldiers.

Obama’s oft-repeated proclamations that there will be no U.S. military ground troops in combat has resulted in a situation in which there are no good options for military planners. The time involved in training what is an unproven and unknown “Syrian rebel” army could easily be over a year. In the mean time, our enemy continues to grow exponentially as Obama delays any meaningful action. It has been ten days since he announced Syrian air strikes and nothing other than talk has taken place.

Conway noted in June of this year that the ISIS terrorists had largely reached the limit of what had been their easily taken, poorly defended territorial expansion. He correctly predicted that they would not challenge the Peshmerga or the Shiite oil field areas or Baghdad.

Conway’s Friday comments echo those of a broad spectrum of military experts who are increasingly frustrated with the ineptitude and indecision coming from the White House.

Obama is clearly buying time for ISIS. Whether that is an unintended consequence of his efforts to preserve his perception of a legacy as a peacemaker, a result of his inability to perform the functions of his position or something more sinister is still to be determined. There are mounting suspicions that his known sympathies for the Muslim Brotherhood and other terror organizations may be influencing his already lengthy decision making process.

Every day that he debates about who will be on the ground, every day that he delays substantive air strikes against ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria is another day that our enemy is able to harden and relocate their assets.

At a time when America desperately needs a president we don’t have one. We have an Obama.