Why do you not endorse?

Why do you not endorse candidates or political parties?

Contrary to many claims, RedFlag News does not support any political party nor do we endorse candidates. Points to ponder:

  • How can this movement be all about freedom if our goal is to tell everyone how to vote?
  • We don't trust anyone enough to endorse them!
  • We've worked tirelessly to make this movement successful. Why would we give its future, and ours, over to someone who does not necessarily have its (and our) best interests at heart?
  • We got into this mess because we have been sheep NOT because we've needed a new shepherd.
  • We endorse and vote INDIVIDUALLY because freedom is what we are fighting for.
  • They don't have to work for ALL of us if one of us can deliver all of the votes.
  • We stand for principles and ideas rather than politicians and parties.
  • Whenever we choose one candidate over another, we alienate segments of our group... then when the favored candidate loses the rest of our group will quit.
  • Only a non-partisan and unaffiliated organization can rate the candidates and issues fairly.
  • We are committed to providing the much needed information to voters on the issues.  If we are perceived to be "in the pocket" of politicians we cannot be objective.