Who reads your website?

Our story is a true grassroots effort born from the Tea Party Movement that continues to grow organically and prove to be a wise choice for those looking to expand their news experience. 

Because we are clearly focused on political news and opinion, and the multiple tangents the Internet offers, our audience is conveniently focused, yet broad within its borders. RedFlag News is popular with bloggers, 'high-information voters', Pinterest and Facebook users — an increasingly influential demographic — together with:

• early adopters of sites like Drudge Report, Breitbart and Huffington Post;

• almost half of the United States Congress;

• news junkies like ourselves;

• journalists and nationally syndicated talk radio hosts;

• super PACs and political campaigns;

• members of the Independent, Libertarian, Conservative, and Tea Party movements.

A majority of our visitors come to our site to find the latest in breaking news and opinion that are "Red Flagged". Our audience is completely devoted to and immersed in what the Independent movement has to offer. They are concerned Americans who are highly engaged, activism minded and thoroughly aware of current events. 97% share and connect with RedFlag News via social media. 67% of RedFlag readers visit the website daily, or multiple times a day, and 30% visit weekly.