Are you a radical right wing website as the MSM wants me to believe?

Not at all. RedFlag News may be considered conservative in tone, though the sources cited and linked run the gamut of political leanings. Our mission is to use the latest communications tools to disseminate "Red Flagged" information as quickly as possible, yet provide a statesmanlike environment for political discussion and education, where people can look at the wide scope of theories and opinions, trade comments with people of widely varying views and feelings, and be educated and informed.  

What makes you credible?

We are a news “curator.” We carefully select from good sources and artfully exhibit it for the enrichment of the Independent thinking news consumer. Credibility for comes from consistency, professionalism, great content, and accuracy. We are not perfect. With all the sites on the web, sometimes we can get bamboozled. If at any time a news story we curate is found to be completely false, the story will be removed and the original source blacklisted.

Who reads your website?

Our story is a true grassroots effort born from the Tea Party Movement that continues to grow organically and prove to be a wise choice for those looking to expand their news experience. 

Because we are clearly focused on political news and opinion, and the multiple tangents the Internet offers, our audience is conveniently focused, yet broad within its borders. RedFlag News is popular with bloggers, 'high-information voters', Pinterest and Facebook users — an increasingly influential demographic — together with:

  • early adopters of sites like Drudge Report, Breitbart and Huffington Post;
  • more than half of the United States Congress;
  • news junkies like ourselves;
  • journalists and nationally syndicated talk radio hosts;
  • super PACs and political campaigns;
  • members of the Independent, Libertarian, Conservative, and Tea Party movements.

A majority of our visitors come to our site to find the latest in breaking news and opinion that are "Red Flagged". Our audience is completely devoted to and immersed in what the Independent movement has to offer. They are concerned Americans who are highly engaged, activism minded and thoroughly aware of current events. 97% share and connect with RedFlag News via social media. 67% of RedFlag readers visit the website daily, or multiple times a day, and 30% visit weekly.

How are you different from sites like Drudge Report or similar news aggregators?

We have been described as "the Apple of news aggregation" and we're growing like crazy. As evidenced by the amazing growth in the droves who are questioning their own long-held party affiliations and who now declare themselves as Independents, the public have arrived at a point at which they’re open to, even hungering for, the direction and knowledge that RedFlag News can bring. 

We recognize that while certain aspects of RedFlag News can be duplicated by other websites and news groups, there are no sites that can compete with our unique perspective of news reporting with a clean and clear presentation of that news together with no corporate funding or political connections. In other words, integrity that can't be bought.

How do you use any monies raised by your readers?

Let's face it, running a website can be expensive. There are hosting fees, design fees, salaries and other expenses, and they add up fast! Contributions by our readers make a world of difference for the sustainability of this growing website.

You can donate here.

How are you funded? Are you connected to any Super PAC?

If you would like to learn more about supporting RedFlag News, you can click here to chip in a few bucks or contact us directly for future investment opportunities. Here are the facts:

  • We are a private organization. We have received no funding from any entity or paid advertising other than our advertising partners, and have been completely independent of all media organizations and Super PACs.
  • RedFlag News is powered by a passionate individual named J.R. Elliott who contributes many unpaid hours away from his own family and career to bring the news to you.
  • Since March 1, 2012, we have raised a little over $20,000 through PayPal. For the purpose of expanding our user experience/reach via apps and other technologies, a major push for CrowdFunding or a trusted partner are now being explored.

Why do you not endorse candidates or political parties?

Contrary to many claims, RedFlag News does not support any political party nor do we endorse candidates. Points to ponder:

  • How can this movement be all about freedom if our goal is to tell everyone how to vote?
  • We don't trust anyone enough to endorse them!
  • We've worked tirelessly to make this movement successful. Why would we give its future, and ours, over to someone who does not necessarily have its (and our) best interests at heart?
  • We got into this mess because we have been sheep NOT because we've needed a new shepherd.
  • We endorse and vote INDIVIDUALLY because freedom is what we are fighting for.
  • They don't have to work for ALL of us if one of us can deliver all of the votes.
  • We stand for principles and ideas rather than politicians and parties.
  • Whenever we choose one candidate over another, we alienate segments of our group... then when the favored candidate loses the rest of our group will quit.
  • Only a non-partisan and unaffiliated organization can rate the candidates and issues fairly.
  • We are committed to providing the much needed information to voters on the issues.  If we are perceived to be "in the pocket" of politicians we cannot be objective.