Obama Dares America – “Come And Get Me”

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We are in a silent coup that has been going on for the last few years to transition America away from the principles and liberty that it was founded on, into a post-Constitutional period that we now have. We are no longer a vibrant Constitutional Republic, President Obama has done everything in his power to push us away from that. The system is broke, the nation is at a different time than it was in the past because we have distanced ourselves from the Constitution. Mark says that Republicans should be using any legal and Constitutional means necessary to put obstacles in front of Obama's destructive agenda in the last 2 years of his Presidency. The upcoming fight will be over amnesty and already our Republicans have caved in to him and he hasn't even used Executive powers yet. He has lied in the past about what his intentions were - be it with Obamacare where he deliberately lied about what you were able to do with it, to saying that he wouldn't use Executive powers regarding immigration, even though now he will. The man can't be trusted and we need our politicians to stop him while they can.